UK: White Helmet head denies involvement in Omran Daqneesh photo in exclusive interview

The head of the Syria Civil Defence, commonly known as the White Helmets, Raed al-Saleh commented on Omran Daqneesh's case, claiming the organisation saved him and his brother after their house was bombed, as well as denying involvement in the viral photograph of the boy, during a video interview from Istanbul which was aired on Sunday. «Omran Daqneesh's home was bombed and he was extracted by... Еще our team from under the rubble. We did not photograph him. The source of the photograph that was published was not the White Helmets, but a journalistic reporter. We saved him and his brother, who stayed in hospital for several months until he recovered,» al-Saleh said. Speaking of the boy's father Mohamad Daqneesh, al-Saleh said he was also taken to a hospital. Al-Saleh was also asked about Mohamad Daqneesh's claims that the White Helmets are 'a propaganda organisation.' In response, he said Mohamad Daqneesh had no choice but to speak this way as he is not 'in total safety under the regime.' Omran Daqneesh gained media attention at the age of five as he was pictured covered with dirt and dust in an ambulance after his home in Aleppo was attacked. The video of Daqneesh became a global symbol of war-torn Aleppo in August 2016 and was widely circulated by the media. His older brother, Ali, died from injuries sustained in the attack. In June 2017, the boy appeared with his father in an interview with Ruptly. The boys' father went on to criticse the media for exploiting the footage, adding that the press 'arrived before the ambulance' and stressing that his son was injured slightly but everyone started convincing him that boy's state was severe and later used the images without his permission.

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