UK: WADA confirms launch of whistle-blower policy

A new channel of communication with whistle-blowers has been set up, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Director General Oliver Niggli announced during a press conference in London on Thursday. «We have a whistle-blower policy which is comprehensive and deals with also how to deal with whistle-blowers, how to protest whistle-blowers and all these kinds of questions,» Niggli said. Gunter Young... Еще, who is responsible for the investigation department, explained the policy, taking Kenya as an example. «We try to monitor and use the knowledge that we had or that I gain from Russia and apply to Kenya whether we can see there is institutionalised doping,» he said. The objective is «to develop a multi-state code of approach to a network to tackle the problem,» Young stated, «because we cannot do it by ourselves.» On Wednesday, WADA was condemned by the head of the US Anti-Doping agency as well as several prominent medal winning athletes for being soft on doping at an emergency White House summit.

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