UK: Vivienne Westwood holds anti fracking fashion show

Joe Corre, Vivienne Westwood's son, businessman and activist: «People respect the law because they believe the law is there to protect them if the law is able to be bought by corporations, if they're able to game the system to turn the law against us, then people will no longer respect the law, it's as simple as that.» Fashion designer and climate change activist Vivienne Westwood held a pop-up... Еще anti-fracking catwalk protest outside of the INEOS London offices after the petrochemical company obtained an injunction against anti-fracking protesters. «We've come here with a message for INEOS, we're not frightened of your injunction, we're not frightened of your lawyers, we're not frightened of your security and our message to you, after me, frack off INEOS», said Vivienne Westwood's son and activist Joe Corre. «Effectively what they have tried to do is add another additional layer of law on top of the laws that we already have in this country that can make it an impressionable offence, up to two years in prison for standing up to them and protesting and exercising your human rights and your democratic rights to protest against their activities», he added. Last year, Corre submitted an application in the high court objecting to the injunction, but the judge extended it. This means that campaigners who obstruct INEOS fracking operations could even face prison sentences, local media said.

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