UK: Veterans march to Downing St. over Islamic Supremacism

Around three hundred veterans from the British Armed Forces and their supporters rallied against ''Islamic Supremacism' in central London on Saturday. Marchers held banners reading «no human rights for terrorists», while the one demonstrator, Robert Grey, urged the government to «bring back internment,» adding «I don't care if it's with or without trial. Just get them off the street... Еще.» Veterans delivered a petition to Downing Street, which called for the government to tighten border controls. March organizer Richard Inman said «There's 3,000 jihadists we are told, by the security services Mi5, that pose a real and present danger to the community, an immediate danger. And we want to see them arrested and basically detained.» Bagpipe players rallied alongside the demonstrators, who waved Union Jack flags and carried banners reading slogans including 'No human rights for terrorists' and 'Veterans against terrorism'.

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