UK: Vending machine for homeless opens in Nottingham

Nottingham homelessness charity 'Action Hunger' opened the first of a kind vending machine for homeless people on Tuesday, allowing people access to vital items of clothing and food. Homeless members of society will be allowed three free vending machine items per day, by way of a special card issued to them by the charity 'The Friary.' «This is about ensuring that rough sleepers who are out... Еще in Nottingham at three o'clock in the morning, who say for example need a new pair of socks, because their existing socks have been soaked by rain — you know — it's about making sure there's practical support and vital kind of life-saving support in some cases is available to people out of hours,» said Friary Charity spokesperson Sam Crawford. The Nottingham machine is part of a one month trial by the charities, but if successful they will seek to open more than 100 extra machines across major UK cities.

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