UK: US flag burns at London’s ‘Million Mask March’

Crowds of masked protesters descended on the streets of London, on Sunday, for the annual 'Million Mask March'. During the demonstration protesters burnt the US flag at Trafalgar Square, holding banners reading «Loser Trump keep out» and «Don't let it happen.» There was a heavy police presence due to violence in previous years, despite minor scuffles no serious incidents were reported. The... Еще protest, dubbed the 'Million Mask March' as protesters donned Guy Fawkes mask modelled on the protagonist of the radical comic book and film «V for Vendetta», is an annual event called by online hacker collective Anonymous. The Anonymous movement has gathered every November 5, since 2012, to coincide with the annual British tradition of Bonfire Night, when a group of dissident Catholic plotters tried to blow up the British parliament in 1605.


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