UK: Trump portrait made with human faeces presented in London

Endless the Artist presented a portrait of US President Donald Trump he made with his own faeces, at his warehouse in London on Saturday. The artist painted the artwork overnight in a secret studio set-up at one of London's most iconic luxury suites, to document the process in a regal British setting. He plans to have the artwork delivered to the President during his UK visit, planned for... Еще October this year. The outline of Trump's head is painted in faeces mixed with black paint. The head surrounded by an aureole of his most controversial Twitter posts. The artwork has been finished with a resin coat to preserve its colour and to protect it from oxidation. The piece has been dubbed 'Shithole', in memory of Trump's remark on immigrants from Haiti and Africa coming into America. In the context of the artwork it points to Trump's mouth, from which a large majority of his remarks exit. Endless has been following the public mood around Trump's visit since the White House announced the February trip late last year. Though it was cancelled, two-million citizens signed a petition to successfully get it downgraded from a state to working visit.

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