UK: Trophies of bankrupt tennis legend Becker go up for auction

The trophies and belongings of former professional tennis player and multiple Wimbledon winner Boris Becker were displayed in London, following the player's bankruptcy on Wednesday. Trophies from various championships, including the Davis Cup and various Wimbledon cups and plates, as well as trainers once belonging to the prominent sportsman were readied to go under the hammer. Mark Ford... Еще, trustee of Boris Becker’s bankruptcy, claimed that a hundred of people across the globe expressed interest in the items. Last year, German tennis star Becker was declared as bankrupt with a reported debt of 61 million euros (70 million dollars). The former sportsman has reportedly recently claimed he had diplomatic immunity from bankruptcy due to his appointment as a Central African Republic attache for sports and cultural affairs in the EU, which CAR later denied. Becker’s bankrupt status was due to be lifted this Thursday, though creditors have asked for more time to assess his assets.

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