UK: Tommy Robinson supporters and counter-protesters face off at EU election rally

Supporters of far-right activist Tommy Robinson were seen facing off with counter-protesters at Robinson's EU election rally in Birkenhead on Sunday. Both sides can be seen waving flags and placards, separated by a line of police as they maintained order between the two opposing groups. Paul Jenkins of Unite Against Fascism explained that «Robinson only needs about 8 per cent of the vote to be... Еще elected. So we need everyone to come out against him — whether it's on the streets to protest him. But also we must come out and vote against him to stop him being elected on the 20th of May.» Chris, a Robinson supporter from Manchester, explained his reasons for showing up for the demonstration and supporting Robinson: «there are no politicians that I've come across, there's no political party that I know that stand up for the rights and stand up for working class people. We are all here to stand united against the political elite.» Robinson announced his decision to stand as an independent candidate in the May 2019 European Parliament elections in North West England in April.

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