UK: Tommy Robinson says guilty verdict is part of plan to get him 'killed in prison'

English Defence League co-founder Tommy Robinson said he believed that the authorities «genuinely want me to be killed in prison,» after having been found guilty of contempt of court for a second time in London on Friday. In May 2018, Robinson, who has already been to prison three times for assault, illegally entering the US, and mortgage fraud, was sentenced to 13 months in prison for contempt... Еще of court after live-streaming outside a criminal trial, in violation of reporting restrictions. However, the court of appeal quashed the contempt finding, freeing Robinson only two months into his sentence. The case was then referred to the attorney general, who stated that it was in the public interest to bring fresh proceedings. Robinson was found guilty of breaching reporting restrictions on the trial by live-streaming the defendants as they left the court, while also questioning them aggressively. Sentencing will take place on July 11 with Robinson facing a maximum of two years behind bars.

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