UK: To ban RT UK ‘would portray an image of a country lost in self-doubt’ — Alex Salmond

«Don't shut down other TV stations because your standpoint is so uncertain that you must exclude other perspectives,» Former Scottish First Minister and RT Presenter Alex Salmond said in a statement in London on Thursday, commenting on calls from UK MPs to ban RT UK. «To censor would make a travesty of the concept of nation speaking unto nation, a mockery of freedom of speech and it would... Еще portray an image of a country lost in self-doubt,» he said. «By definition, RT is not a propaganda station because it is regulated under a UK license by Ofcom. Yes, it's had breaches of the Ofcom code but so have Sky, ITV and the BBC,» Salmond added. Commenting on the Sergei Skripal case, he described the poisoning as a «heinous crime» that «should be universally condemned.» He also agreed with the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn when he questioned allegations that Moscow was behind the assassination attempt. «To succeed, the case has to be overwhelming and the case cast iron as a leader of the opposition correctly pointed out to the prime minister,» Salmond said. «When the UK government produces their evidence then the Russian government will have no alternative but to answer,» he stated. On Wednesday, May announced the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats from the UK during a statement to the House of Commons. Other measures also include a boycott of the World Cup by the Royal Family, and the revocation of an invitation to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to hold talks in the UK.

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