UK: Three Tory MPs resign from 'hardline, anti-EU' Conservative Party

Three members of the Conservative party announced their resignations and laid out their reasons for leaving the party they’d called home while issuing statements to the press in London on Wednesday. “The right-wing, the hardline, anti-EU awkward squad that have destroyed every leader for the last 40 years are now running the Conservative party from top to toe. They are the Conservative party... Еще,» British Member of Parliament Anna Soubry said, adding “I believe mine are no longer welcome in the Conservative party. I am not leaving the Conservative party, it's left us.» British MP Sarah Wolleston explained her reasons for leaving the party, saying “if I wouldn't stand to be a Conservative MP, if I wouldn't encourage others to vote Conservative in a general election, then how can I possibly continue with the Conservative whip.» “And this is about more than Brexit,” Wolleston added. Another former Conservative MP, Heidi Allen, said “I can no longer represent a government and a party who can't open their eyes to the suffering endured to the most vulnerable in society. Suffering we have deepened, whilst having the power to fix.» The Conservative MPs’ resignations come only days after seven other British MPs from the Labour party similarly announced their resignations over alleged anti-Semitism within their party and Brexit. They went on to form the so-called ‘Independent Group,’ which the now former Conservative MPs have also joined. The Independent Group is seen as a centrist, Pro-EU group of Members of Parliament within the House of Commons.

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