UK: Thousands march through London in support of Black Trans Lives Matter

Thousands took to the streets of central London on Saturday under the motto «Black Trans Lives Matter.» Thousands of protesters waving Black Trans Lives Matter banners and pride flags appeared to be gathering in front of Westminster, where they rallied to show their support for the black LGBT+ community during the celebrations of Pride month as well as to demand an end to systematic racism. «We don't need the statues to be torn down, unless the system is torn down. Because this government, as you've seen, will voluntarily take down those monuments, for performative activism. For performative support. It's fake support, because those systems are still in place. Everyday racism is still in place,» said a speaker at the rally. Anti-racism protests have swept the world following the death of 46-year old George Floyd at the hands of police in the US on May 25.

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