UK: Thousands gather at Trafalgar Square to oppose new coronavirus restrictions

Thousands of coronavirus sceptics gathered at London's Trafalgar Square on Saturday, opposing the measures imposed to curb the coronavirus pandemic. Protesters were seen with signs, including, «The BBC are the virus» and dressing up in Guantanamo suits with Boris Johnson and Bill Gates masks. Among the protesters in Trafalgar Square were British conspiracy theorist David Icke. Several demonstrators broke off from the rally to march through London streets. «The government are putting elderly people back into care homes, basically killing them. As far as I am concerned, that's murder. They have murdered our elderly. And our kids, they are torturing them. Absolute torture. They are making them wear masks, you've got teachers and people saying to your kids, 'if you don't wash your hands properly, if you don't wear your mask properly, you could kill your grandma.' How on earth is that going to affect them if their grandma dies of a completely unrelated thing,» said Terry, a protester. Police said around 10 people were arrested and four officers were injured, including two who had to be hospitalised. Organisers of the event are sceptical of the obligatory use of masks, social distancing orders and the use of tracking and tracing systems, as well as 5G signals. The UK has seen a sharp rise of infection cases in recent days, with the government responding with a series of measures including ban on social gatherings of more than six people, limited opening hours for pubs and restaurants, face masks compulsory for bar staff and non-seated costumers, among others. The measures are in effect in England, Scotland, and Wales and those who don't follow the rules are subject to fines starting from £200 (€219/$255). Last Saturday, thousands of protesters joined demonstrations around Trafalgar Square, where some of them clashed with police and more than 30 were arrested.

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