UK: Thousands flock to Brighton beach as heatwave hits Britain

Locals flocked to Brighton's beach on Wednesday amid soaring temperatures and despite COVID-19 social distancing guidance. Although residents were seen enjoying the sea and the sun, as local temperatures hit 29 degrees Celsius (84 Fahrenheit), they expressed concerns about the easing of measures against the coronavirus pandemic. «To be honest, looking at the beach today, I don't think people are concerned about it anymore. I really feel like it is kind of forgotten. It was massive at one point and now it has just gone away; when I know it has not gone away, so you still kind of think, it's a bit scary to think that everyone is together still,” said Reece, who was taking a walk along the promenade. Another local, Alex, echoed the same sentiment. «It is in the back of my head, but the way that everyone is around here it just seems like it is forgotten about and I kind of get my mind in that as well. But when I am not in a big crowd like this, I do think about it more often,» she said. The UK sizzled in the summer heat on Wednesday, with the hottest temperature of the year — 31 degrees Celsius (88 Fahrenheit) — being recorded at Heathrow Airport.

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