UK: ‘This country has betrayed me’ — EU citizens in UK rally for post-Brexit recognition

Around 600 EU citizens in the UK held a rally in London’s Trafalgar Square, Wednesday, to call on the UK government to recognize and guarantee their rights in post Brexit Britain. Dubbed ‘Citizens’ Rally’ and organised by The 3 Million campaign, the rally drew a range of people with various occupational backgrounds, with placards emphasizing the role EU citizens play in UK institutions such as... Еще the NHS. One tearful attendee said she felt “betrayed” by the UK and government, adding that she has “lived here for 31 years and as the rule stands I do not qualify for permanent residency.” The UK government has refused to guarantee the rights of European citizens in the UK post-Brexit, with leaked Home Office papers indicating a tightening of the rules regarding immigration and family unifications in the post-Brexit era.

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