UK: The UN — 'utter and abject failure on Yemen' — Human Rights for Yemen Director

Director of Human Rights for Yemen Kim Sharif called the United Nations «an utter and abject failure» on the matter of Yemen, speaking with RT from London on Thursday. «The UN is an utter and abject failure as far as Yemen and many other poor countries are concerned. It has become, more or less, dominated by the Security Council and the Security Council itself is dominated by three prominent... Еще members, who bully everybody else politically and diplomatically, and we all know that,» she said. «Even the UN calls the situation 'worst man-made humanitarian catastrophe'. Let's name the man that is making this catastrophe, who has the upper hand here is a coalition of about 17 countries led by Saudi Arabia, aided and abetted by the US and the UK, leading to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide,» said Sharif. «An act of aggression no less contrary to the UN charter. It is bizarre to see that even the Security Council recently found itself extending sanctions on Yemen. Sanctions on Yemen! Yemen is being violated everyday. It's broad day-light rape and breaches of every known international rules of law,» she added. Sharif's statements come after the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a Russia-proposed draft which would result in a technical extension of sanctions against Yemen, on Monday, February 26.

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