UK: The Philosopher's Skull — Bentham’s mummified head goes on display

English philosopher Jeremy Bentham's mummified head was put on display at University College London (UCL) after being kept away from public because of a mummification mistake, Wednesday, central London. The head is being shown under a glass dome, exposing the remaining features of Bentham's face. Bentham's mummified body has already been on display at UCL for the past 150 years with a false... Еще wax head attached to it. Subhadra Das, who is a Curator of Collections, shared her thoughts, saying, «What Bentham really did that changed the way we think about dead bodies. He said a body is more useful if someone who is a medical professional can examine and learn from it.» Bentham, who died in 1832, had made instructions in his will to be dissected and preserved after his death.

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