UK: Spanish police used «excessive force» on protesters in Catalan referendum — Human Rights Watch

Spanish police were guilty of using «excessive and disproportionate force» during the disputed Catalan referendum on October, according to Kartik Raj, the Western Europe Researcher at Human Rights Watch (HRW) who was speaking from the body's offices in London, Thursday. HRW released a report into the violence which marred the Catalan region on October 1. The organisation documented testimonies... Еще of witnesses, comparing their statements with footage of the events. Raj stated that «police used batons to charge against an assembled group of protesters repeatedly, striking them in the head, the arms, the torso and the legs». The HRW representative noted that «If European member states or the European union itself or the council of Europe want to reflect on that and take express views on ensuring that the use of force is done with great restraint that would be very useful.» «What we saw was a massive police deployment with verifiable and documented instances where the use of force was excessive», concluded Raj who also and he urged the Spanish government to investigate the events. For Raj the use of force by the police may produce negative effects to day to day life for Catalonians, including making children fearful of attending their schools that were the site of the violence.

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