UK: 'Slavery never ended' — hundreds march against Libya's slave trade

Hundreds of people gathered at Belgrave Square in Central London on Saturday to protest against the enslaving and selling of black Africans in Libya, following an incriminating CNN report about slave auctions in the country. The protesters marched from Belgrave Square to the Libyan Embassy, where they held a rally. They held placards and banners reading «Slavery never ended» or «Silence... Еще supports the oppressor» and chanting «African lives matter» and «Where is the justice?». They also called on European governments to take measures to stop slavery and oppression in Libya. «Every country that intervened to overthrow Gaddafi has their hand in this,» said one of the activists. «At the end of the day it wasn't happening when he [Gaddafi] was there. So why is it happening now?» he asked.

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