UK: Sikh separatists rally in Trafalgar Square for independence referendum

Hundreds of Sikh separatists descended on London's Trafalgar Square on Sunday, to demand a referendum for an independent state in India's Punjab region. The Sikh demonstration drew thousands of supporters, who chanted «Khalistan» and held placards reading «Punjab Referendum 2020 for Khalistan» and «we will re-establish Punjab as an independent country.» Sikh separatist Luvpreet Singh said, «we... Еще want basically to reclaim our old kingdom, which we had in the 19th century.» Scores of pro-India supporters staged a counter-protest. One counter-protester said, «I don't see the extremism there, in India. It's all propagated here in Britain. They are also forgetting the Jallianwala Bagh massacre [Amritsar massacre], which was done by the British 70 years ago. They've forgotten that and they are asking justice from these people.» «Would the British support the Scottish referendum in India, by Indians? I don't think so, so I don't see the sense of this whole movement,» he added.

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