UK: Second Scottish independence referendum 'must be held' at point of 'hard Brexit' — Salmond

Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond spoke to a pro-independence conference in Edinburgh, on Saturday, on the possibility of a second referendum for Scotland to secede from the UK. During his speech, he maintained that a second referendum «must be held at the point of a hard Brexit,» referring to the UK government's negotiations to withdraw from the EU. Salmond told a rapturous audience... Еще «I've been active in politics for 30 years — elected politics. I've never seen the British state in a state of more disorientation and chaos. Understand the weakness of our opponents. They're Johnny no-mates in Europe. Not a single friend across the continent. The structures of Westminster politics are decaying before our eyes. This is a matter not just of our strength, but of their weakness. That also dictates the timing of the campaign.» Also in attendence at the 'Scottish Independence Convention' was Anna Arque, one of the organisers of the Catalan independence movement. Against a backdrop with the words «Scotland in solidarity with Catalunya», Arque discussed the independence movement for her own region. Arque thanked the pro-independence campaign in Scotland for their response to Catalonia's ongoing dispute with Madrid. «They hit us and you stood by us. You stood with us. You are one of us. Thank you.»

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