UK: Scots hold 'Missing EU Already' rally on Brexit day

Anti-Brexit protesters flooded Scotland's capital city Edinburgh to hold a «Missing EU Already» rally on Friday, just hours before the UK officially starts its withdrawal from the European Union. Footage shows protesters waving EU and Scottish flags and holding banners reading: «Scotland — Taken out of EU against our wishes.» «This is a great opportunity to celebrate our love for the European... Еще Union and our determination to find a way of staying in there, and celebrating it and also the fact that we voted every time against Brexit and against this government down in Westminster,» Tony Martin, one of the protesters said. Another protester said: «I came here because I am Scottish, we have a Scottish parliament here and I think we should be totally in control of our own governance, there is no point of being governed by Westminster, we didn't vote for that party in Scotland.» The UK joined the European Economic Community in 1973 and after 47 years it is the first member state to withdraw from the EU.

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