UK: Scotland's Sturgeon confirms commitment to new independence vote

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she could not rule out legally challenging the UK government's opposition to holding a second referendum on independence. Sturgeon was speaking at a news conference in Edinburgh on Friday. She acknowledged that the vote may not happen until next year's Scottish Parliament election. Nevertheless, she stressed that any referendum «must be legal and... Еще legitimate.» «It must demonstrate that there is majority support for independence,» she explained. Speaking on the consequences of Brexit for Scotland, Sturgeon said that it would mean 'a fundamental change' for Scotland's constitution. «The consequences of that will be significant, even if they are not all felt immediately. And the UK Government has shown no interest at all in finding ways to accommodate our distinctive views and interests,» she said. The speech came just hours before the UK officially starts its withdrawal from the European Union. MANDATORY CREDIT: SNP MANDATORY CREDIT: SNP

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