UK: Same sex couple renew wedding vows… 21 years after marrying as husband and wife

Kristiana Taylor, Bride (English): «I think the most important thing is, I am me, who I should have been 21 years ago. So, it's everything we ever wanted really.» *AUDIO GLITCH AT SOURCE* Kristiana and Denise Taylor, once married as husband and wife, renewed their wedding vows in Ospringe, Kent, Thursday, but this time as wife and wife, after Kristiana, formerly Stephen, realised in 2012 that... Еще she wanted to become a woman. The two first got together in Newcastle in 1996 when Kristiana was a man. Later Kristiana would go on to decide that she wanted to transition to being a woman, with Denise supporting the decision, leading to their renewing their vows. The couple's son, Stephen, walked the two down the aisle, with friends and family coming together to celebrate the pair's happiness in their new life.

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