UK: Russian journalist denies trying to enter military base *EXCLUSIVE*

Russian Journalist Timur Siraziev denied trying to infiltrate a British military base in Berkshire, in an interview with RT on Monday. The camera crew's activities outside the 77th Brigade's barracks, which specialises in electronic and psychological warfare, triggered a nationwide security alert and sparked accusations of spying and attempts to penetrate the facility, according to the Mail on... Еще Sunday. The alert, marked 'official-sensitive', was leaked to the newspaper. «I myself would like to find out what exactly happened because we are being accused of spying as we were just doing our job and were not violating the UK's law,» he told the interviewer. Siraziev flatly denied allegations that he sought to enter the base. He instead claimed that the camera crew were working in 'a public area' after having introduced themselves to the security guards, showed the identity cards and explaining the reasons of their trip. Commenting on the espionage accusations, Siraziev referred to report from a BBC journalist broadcast from the same site a day after the Mail's article was published. «Yesterday they filmed there a similar stand-up. It was broadcast and, of course, nobody is going to punish anyone for that because there are no grounds,» he pointed out.

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