UK: 'Russia, shame on you!' — Protesters demand Moscow take action in Afrin

Around 150 pro-Kurdish protesters gathered outside the Russian Embassy in central London on Tuesday, demanding Russia to interfere in the ongoing Turkish offensive in Syria's Afrin. People chanted 'Russia, shame on you!' and 'Putin, terrorist' as they called on Russia to influence the Turkish side to put an end to the offensive. «We call the international community and particularly the Russian... Еще Federation to stop allowing Turkish jets to fly and bombarding the civilians,» said Allen, one of the protesters. «We are here to say a no fly zone. We demand a no fly zone,» another protester said. The protest was peaceful with no arrests made, with the police observing the demonstration that blocked the road outside the embassy for around half an hour. The Turkish-led 'Olive Branch' military operation against YPG Kurdish militants in Afrin carries on despite the international community's warnings of an urgent humanitarian crisis in northern Syria.

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