UK: Remainers camp outside Scottish court hearing Brexit delay letter case

Remainers camped outside the Court of Session in Edinburgh on Tuesday, as judges consider whether a court can sign a Brexit extension letter on behalf of the government. A small number of protesters brought signs and flags as they awaited a decision, likely to be issued on Wednesday. Campaigning Queen's Counsel (QC) Jolyon Maugham warned that the country would «face genuine constitutional... Еще crisis» if the government failed to comply with the law. As founder of the Good Law Project, Maugham brought to court a number of legal challenges to the Brexit process, which he is known to oppose. The case revolves around procedure if British Prime Minister Boris Johnson were to refuse to request a delay. Under the terms of the Benn Act, he is obliged by law to send a letter requesting an extension and preventing a no-deal Brexit. The government has given assurances that it would follow the terms set out in the Benn Act.

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