UK: Railway workers protest at Parliament to denounce rail strike ban plan

British railway workers gathered outside Parliament on Thursday to protest a plan to outlaw union strikes announced during the Queen's Speech. The demonstration was called by the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) as the new legislation would mean minimum services would have to be provided during strikes by railway workers. Failure to abide would result in financial... Еще penalties. Mike Hill, Labour Member of Parliament for Hartlepool said, «This government is all about attacking the rights of the workers. We must resist it and that's why I'm happy to support the RMT in their demo today.» The demonstration comes coincides with day 17 of a 27-day strike action by South Western Railway over the withdrawal of guards from trains. The strike is expected to finish on New Year's Day. Many of the protesters used the demonstration to express their concerns about Boris Johnson's conservative government. «Same old Tory prime minister that stands with establishment. Judges [who] brings in more anti-union legislation. That isn't a prime minister for workers, that is the same old, same old Tory prime minister that stands for big business and the capitalist establishment. We need to unite together, to march together, to strike together against the Tory government. It's up to us now, let's fight together and let's defeat them,» said one protester, Rob Williams.

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