UK: Pubs split in town divided by border as only one side can reopen

Locals in Saltney, a town divided by the English and Welsh border, can only go for drinks in one of the four pubs, amid differing lockdown measures. While pubs reopened in England on Saturday, they remain shut in Wales. David, a resident, commented on the situation and cited a pub that is not allowed to open, saying it is «ridiculous, but you know, that's the way it is, that's the way we've got to deal with it.» «We cannot go in there, but by the looks of it there but by the looks of things, we've got a lot of people from over the border coming to our local pub,» said another local, Dave. Each of the different kingdoms in Great Britain have imposed different restrictions and guidelines, causing confusion for those whose lives spill over to various parts of the island. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson allowed pubs to reopen in England with social distancing measures. The Welsh government on the other hand has not set a date for the reopening.

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