UK: Protesters rally against Labour's Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism claims

SOT, Journalist: «What's the solution, as you see it, to this crisis?» «Honesty. There's anti-semitism across the parties, but for the Labour left to say it's an exclusive issue of the right is just hypocrisy. Everyone knows within Momentum there's been lots of social media pressure against Labour MPs, Luciana Berger and others. This is a problem beyond Corbyn.» Party. Jeremy Corbyn is the... Еще problem, I don't have a problem with Labour, I'm Labour ideologically. Jeremy Corbyn is the problem. Get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, then we can sort it out.» British Jewish groups protested near parliament in London, Monday, against allegations of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, with many calling for Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to step down. Said one protester, «Jeremy Corbyn has failed over and over again to condemn anti-Semitism in simple terms.» «He's always qualified it by saying 'I'm against all forms of racism', and has struggled to actually ever use that word anti-Semitism until he was pressured,» the demonstrator added. The protest was met by counter-demonstrators who held signs with slogans such as «Labour against the witch hunt.» In a recent letter to the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council, which co-organised Monday's protest, Corbyn apologised for «hurt and pain» caused by instances of anti-Semitism within Labour's ranks.

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