UK: Protesters march for Welsh independence in Cardiff

Around 1000 protesters took to the streets of Cardiff, on Saturday, to call for Welsh independence from the United Kingdom. «Our democracy is held hostage because everyone is always trying to vote based on what happens in London and not in Cardiff» said one protester. Another participant said that she believed that “Brexit negotiations will help the push» for independence. Wales and England both... Еще voted for Brexit while Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain in the EU. Wales was conquered by England during the 13th century and finally incorporated fully into the then Kingdom of England by the 16th century. In 1998 the devolved Welsh Assembly was created giving Wales a limited degree of self-rule, with the UK's House of Commons still being superior in many matters. The Welsh political party Plaid Cymru, which has representation in the House of Commons, the European Parliament and in the Welsh Assembly, advocates for Welsh independence. Most opinion polling from Wales indicates that while there is not a majority in favour of full independence, a plurality do support increased devolution with more powers for the Welsh Assembly.

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