UK: Protesters demand second Brexit referendum outside House of Commons

Dozens of protesters took part in a rally in front of House of Commons, London, Monday in support of the second Brexit referendum.The protest took place on the day the House of Commons are set to debate whether to hold a second Brexit referendum. Amnesty International and Liberty activists staged a performance called 'Henry VIII eats Parliament' aimed to attract attention to the 'loss of rights... Еще'. One of the protesters, Caroline Sherry stated that the loss of the trade agreements «is not reported on BBC, no one is reporting exactly the economic impacts and the people deserve to know how many job losses, what it will mean for their communities and what will happen to the pound.» The House of Commons session was agreed to be held after a petition on the government's official page reached 100,000 signatures, meaning it is obliged to discuss the matter in parliament. According to the last meeting of British Prime Minister Theresa May and representatives of the European Commission, the estimated cost of Brexit for the UK is about 40 billion pounds (€45.2 billion; $53.4 billion).

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