UK: Protesters call to 'free Assange' outside Belmarsh prison

Dozens of people rallied outside Her Majesty's Prison Belmarsh in London on Saturday, where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is remanded in custody awaiting his full extradition hearing, which is slated for February. The demonstrators chanted «Free Julian Assange» and held placards calling for the release of the whistleblower. Emmy Butlin of the Julian Assange Defence Committee said that they... Еще demonstrated against the incarceration of the WikiLeaks founder and his «potential extradition to the US,» which she said would be «very unfair.» She went on to say that Assange «should really not be there at all,» adding that «he needs to be free to seek the type and quality of healthcare that he chooses to in an environment that is conducive for his well-being.» One protester called Assange «the promise of a free media,» noting «that's basically why, these powerful states such as Britain and the US can't live with him.» Another protester argued that she found the lack of coverage on the Assange's case in the mainstream media «quite shocking,» before adding that Assange «is a political prisoner, and we should do something about it.» Assange is facing the US extradition request on espionage charges related to the publication of classified military and diplomatic documents in 2010.


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