UK: Pompeo criticises UK govt decision to allow Huawei tech in 5G network

Speaking in London on Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticised the UK government's attitude towards China and Chinese telecoms giant Huawei. Pompeo said Britain's intention to use Huawei's technology for new 5G networks would impede intelligence sharing between Washington and London. «This is exactly what China wants — they want to divide Western alliances through bits and bytes... Еще, not bullets and bombs,» said Pompeo. Despite a warning from the US that the Huawei technology may be used for spying, a media report suggested the UK would allow the Chinese company a restricted role. Pompeo recalled the late former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, saying she would have taken a much firmer stance on the matter. «Ask yourself this: would the Iron Lady be silent when China violates the sovereignty of nations through corruption and coercion?» he asked.

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