UK: Police officer in critical condition after traffic stop stabbing

A police officer has been stabbed in the head and body by a van driver while carrying out a traffic stop in East London, on Thursday. According to the police, the white van driver in his 50s reportedly tried to make off after being stopped for a vehicle insurance check, leading to a violent struggle. The driver then wielded a knife and stabbed the policeman in the head and body. The police... Еще officer, who managed to taser the culprit, was given first aid and CPR at the scene before being taken to hospital. The subdued suspect was promptly arrested by the other officer in attendance and taken into custody in suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm. “While we have got a man in custody, we need to get to the bottom of why this happened and the fuller picture of what happened just before and then during the attack. And it's only getting that by the witnesses coming forward so I'd urge you to come forward,” said Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Tucker. The Chief Superintended thanked everyone who came to help the public, adding that “He is fine. He is seriously injured but he will make a recovery. So he is there with his family and his loved ones.» Mandatory Credit: Metropolitan Police mandatory credit: metropolitan police

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