UK: Northern Irish mother challenges govt's decision to leave schools open amid coronavirus outbreak

A legal team of a mother from Northern Irish County Armagh whose child suffers from health issues, said they were going to challenge the decision to keep schools open amid the coronavirus outbreak, Belfast, Monday. After Monday's hearing, according to her lawyers, the mother, who pulled her child out of school won't be prosecuted for this decision. «Today's decision is a major step forward when... Еще the education authority have confirmed that our client's mother will not be prosecuted for keeping her child out of school,» confirmed Darragh Mackin who was representing the family. «The basis for that decision relies upon the interpretation of the act, which says that if there's an unavoidable clause a parent is entitled to take their child out of school. This, according to the education authority today has been deemed an unavoidable clause,» Mackin added. Both the family and the lawyer intend to continue fighting for the closure of all schools across the country, accusing the authorities of negligence. «There appears to be an ignorance for the underlying health and safety statutory instruments and regulations that this jurisdiction has enacted. The reality is that the education authority, the Department of Education, the CCMS [Coucil for Catholic Maintained Schools] have not abided by the rules in respect of statutory provisions,» stated Mackin. The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Northern Ireland currently stands at 52 confirmed cases of COVID-19, while the tally for the whole of the United Kingdom being 1,543, according to Public Health England.

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