UK: Northern Ireland veterans protest ongoing 'witch-hunt' prosecutions

Military veterans who fought in Northern Ireland protested at Parliament Square in London on Saturday, against what they claim are an ongoing 'witch hunt' prosecutions of former soldiers who participated in military operations during the 'Troubles'. The protesters exhibited numerous military flags and symbols, as well as the British flag on their way towards the parliament, where a fight broke... Еще out between a march participant and an unknown man, who reports suggest was Irish. «The Good Friday Peace Agreement let the IRA, they released the IRA, but now they are charging veterans, which is just ridiculous, you know. No veteran ever put a bomb under a car, or murdered anyone in the street,» said one protester. «They are taking them back into courts, which is disgraceful, because they were only doing their job. The people that should be going through the court are the politicians that made the circumstances for them to go to war,» said another protester. All British troops involved in fatal incidents during the Troubles are facing a criminal investigation. As many as 1,000 former servicemen are reportedly under investigation.

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