UK: Neighbour describes Reading knife attack suspect Khairi Saadallah

After three people were killed and three more seriously injured after stabbings in Reading, the suspected knife attacker was named as Khairi Saadallah on Sunday. A neighbour spoke about the scene after police raided a building at Basingstoke Road housing estate where Saadallah lived and described him as a person with possible mental health problems. "It was really early in the morning (When I saw him)," said Adam, the boyfriend of one of Mr. Saadallah's neighbours. "He just seemed his normal self, we said hello and that was it really." Adam went on to say of their encounter just a matter of hours before the attack. When asked if Saadallah had been seen behaving strangely before, Adam shared a story regarding the suspected murderer. "Yeah, he's kicked off before here, a while ago, he smashed and threw his telly off the balcony, that was like a year ago," explained Adam. Adam was also quizzed on whether he believed Saadallah, who had reportedly recently been released from prison, may have had mental health problems. "I think so. I do believe that, yeah. I do believe he might have that. He used to have a key worker or something, he's definitely not right in the head," stated Adam. The 25-year-old was arrested at the scene, on suspicion of murder. Preliminary reports suggested that the incident was not terror-related. However, on Sunday morning local police declared that the stabbing attack was being treated as a "terrorist incident." Counter-terrorism police will now be taking over the investigation, announced Thames Valley Police in a statement on Sunday morning.

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