UK: 'Mothers Rise Up' climate march draws thousands in London

Thousands of mothers, fathers and children took to the streets of London on Sunday to demand action on climate change as part of the 'Mothers Rise Up' protest march. The protest was symbolically led by 11 11-year-old children, in a nod to the 11 years humanity reportedly has left to halve greenhouse gas emissions, in order to avoid global environmental catastrophe according to the landmark report... Еще released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in October 2018. The march was organised as a display of solidarity with the student strikes that have seen children and young people all around the world skip school to protest for greater action on climate change. With the protest taking place on International Mother's Day, the protesters pushed three giant prams with mini models of the Earth, along with scores of banners and placards demanding action on climate change. «I'm a mother of three children and I wanna leave it in a better place than I am living in it now. Singing the songs with this lot earlier, I was crying my eyes out because it is so devastating what we're doing to this planet. It's absolutely devastating,» said Rachel, a protester. «I came because I think that we're doing irreparable damage to the Earth and I think something needs to change and I wanted to come here and show that I support the movement,» added Jenny, another protester.

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