UK: Mother accuses London police of 'racially profiling' son over toy gun

The mother of 12-year-old Kai Agyepong, who was arrested on suspicions of firearms possession after he was seen with a toy gun, accused London Police of racially profiling her son. «As a mother, I can speak probably for a lot of mothers, who have young boys very fearful of young boys in today's society. But certain young black boys, I am more and more fearful of him growing up, he is not even 13 yet he is 12, so I am scared of when he gets to 15, 16. How the Police are going to perceive him, how they are going to treat him because obviously he is seen as a very big threat right now,» Mina Agyepong told RT UK. After the incident, Mina reached out to police officials, who reportedly told her they were only doing their job, and gave no explanation as to why they carried out the raid over a child with a toy gun. «A black child should be able to play with a toy gun in his own home, without any risk of being arrested at gunpoint and killed by the police,» added the mother.

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