UK: 'Months before we get this back' — Lancashire residents begin flood clean up

Poppy Hillier, Galgate resident (English): «The letting agency is saying we are probably going to need to be rehomed.» journalist (English): «And had anything like this ever happened before? Janet Wilson, owner at Fisher Motors (English): «Never, ever. Never anything like this before. It has happened in Galgate but not with — our business has never been affected.» Residents of Galgate... Еще recounted on Thursday how they had woken up to find their streets and homes flooded after severe weather conditions hit the village the night before. At least 70 people have been evacuated with both Galgate and Lancaster sustaining the most serious damages. Local residents spent the day clearing out their homes and digging mud from their gardens. Local residents have been relocated to temporary accommodation, with the possibility of staying away from home until past Christmas. «It's definitely going to be months before we get this back,» said one of the residents, Liam Hillier. Local company 'Fisher Motors' owner, Janet Wilson, arrived to find the flood sweeping through the entire dealership. «The place was already under water. So it happened between nine and eleven probably, the sudden rain came down,» she said. Wilson's 60-year-old business is facing closure after the devastating flood. Nearby Lancaster University's weather station issued a report stating the rainfall as the highest on record in the area.

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