UK: Mixed reactions on Catalan referendum in Edinburgh

Residents of Edinburgh shared mixed opinions on Sunday's Catalan independence referendum and the related violence, speaking on Edinburgh's streets on Monday. One resident expressed bafflement, saying, «The fact that that's in mainland Europe as well, is beyond me,» adding, «That's the kind of thing I would expect from a third world country.» Another resident stated, «I think we should respect... Еще the constitution and if there are so many people wanting to change the constitution, then I think the government and those in power have a responsibility to listen to that.» «Absolutely terrible. It's fascism,» said a third resident, adding, «it's supposed to be a democracy; democracy is about voting. So where's the problem?» «The way I see it, nobody's quite in the right because if you have constitution and you have law, then you have to try and adhere to that law, but sometimes that doesn't represent the people. And so, if the people of Catalonia see themselves as a separate entity and it means that much to them, then they should be able to express that,» said a fourth resident.

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