UK: Media experts say more resources needed to ensure press freedom at London conference

Journalists, political leaders and media experts gathered in London on Thursday for the second and closing day of the Global Conference for Media Freedom, an event co-hosted by the UK and Canadian governments. The conference highlighted the need to protect journalists and to convey more resources and support to media professionals. «The diverse group of states participating reflects the global... Еще interest in addressing this vital issue. We are in a phase, however, where the capacity to speak truth to power and the capacity for citizens to engage with the truth is increasingly under attack», noted Canadian ambassador to Unesco Elaine Ayotte, addressing the audience. CEO of Public Media Alliance, Sally-Ann Wilson, warned that every government's duty was to ensure an «enabling environment» for media freedom. «The issue of media freedom is a global one, one that reaches beyond every border. We all agree that the desired outcome, we agree that media freedom is fundamental to human rights. But to achieve universal media freedom we must always check ourselves and reflect on local and national context», she added. The conference, held on July 10-11, brought together over 1,000 reporters and members from civil society. Russia's RT and Sputnik news agencies were not allowed to attend the conference «because of their active role in spreading disinformation,» according to a UK Foreign Office statement. mandatory credit: the global conference for media freedom

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