UK: May, Corbyn battle over Brexit plan at PMQs

British Prime Minister Theresa May went head to head with opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn at the Prime Minister's Question Time in the House of Commons on Wednesday. Corbyn challenged the prime minister, lampooning her for taking two years to negotiate over the Brexit deal and then asking to shut down parliament five days early. «They've even given up on negotiating with each other. Isn't the... Еще case that the government is failing to negotiate Brexit, failing to meet the needs of the country, because they are too busy, far too busy, fighting each other», he said. May bit back, criticising the leader of the Labour party for spending his recent actions: «When I was agreeing the future of NATO with President Trump, he [Corbyn] was joining a protest march against him. When I was delivering a plan for our future trade with the EU, he was teaching children how to go on strike. When I was negotiating our future security relationship with Europe, he was re-negotiating the definition of anti-Semitism. He protests, I deliver.» MP for Broadland and pro-EU backbencher Keith Simpson said he «commended» the prime minister for her dealing with US President Trump, before asking whether she was «alarmed at the way in which he [Trump] refused to challenge President Putin over the Russian activity which resulted recently in the death of a young woman here in Salisbury?» May responded that there had since been clarifications on the US President's statements and that she had spoken to Trump about the Salisbury case.

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