UK: May accused of 'concealing the facts' of Brexit

SOT, Theresa May, UK Prime Minister: «He is absolutely wrong about that, we have not concealed the facts on the Brexit deal from members of this House. What he will see is that the legal position that was set out on Monday in the 34-page document, together with the statement made and the answers to questions given by the attorney-general on Monday, very clearly set out the legal position.» SOT... Еще, Ian Blackford, Scottish National Party MP: «Mr. Speaker, that is an incredibly disappointing response from the Prime Minister. The facts have had to be dragged out of this government by Parliament. Mr. Speaker, this morning we have seen the details of the legal advice, we have seen the facts that the government tried to hide. Mr. Speaker, this government is giving Northern Ireland permanent membership of the single market and the customs union. The legal advice is clear, it states, 'despite statements in the protocol that it is not intended to be permanent, in international law, the protocol would endure indefinitely'. Since the Prime Minister returned from Brussels with her deal, the Prime Minister has been misleading the House inadvertently or otherwise. « SOT, Theresa May, UK Prime Minister: This is not a negotiating ploy by the European Union against the UK. What it is is our commitment as a UK Government to the people of Northern Ireland. He says that the political assertion that there will be no hard border is sufficient to give people reassurance for the future. I say no, what people want to know is that arrangements will be in place, doesn't have to be the backstop, the future relationship will deal with this, the extension of the implementation period could deal with the temporary period, alternative arrangements could deal with it, but people need to know, people need to know, it is beyond a political assertion that there is that commitment there to the people of Northern Ireland to ensure that we have no hard border.» United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May was accused of «concealing the facts» and «misleading the House» after the government released its legal advice on Brexit earlier on Wednesday, which warns of an indefinite backstop arrangement. The legal advice was published after MPs voted to find the government in contempt of Parliament for ignoring an earlier Commons vote to publish the entire document — instead publishing a shorter, 43 page summary on Monday. MP Ian Blackford accused the government of forcing MPs to «drag» the facts out of Parliament, calling it a «government in crisis» with little support for May's Brexit deal. MPs quizzed May on the possibility of a hard border with Northern Ireland, with MP Gregory Campbell saying it was a «practical, physical, political impossibility under any circumstances for a hard border to emerge on the island of Ireland» and accusing the Prime Minister of allowing the possibility of a hard border to be used as a negotiating ploy by the EU against the UK. May responded by ensuring that no hard border with Northern Ireland will be implemented. MPs will vote on May's Brexit deal on Tuesday.

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