UK: Manchester boxing fans cheer on as hometown hero Fury gets up

Boxing fans in Manchester gathered at a pub called Shooters in the early hours of Sunday to watch on as fellow Mancunian Tyson Fury defied a 12th round count to deny American fighter Deontay Wilder a winning WBC title defence at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. Despite a clear advantage over Wilder in most of the rounds, two knockdowns forced Fury to beat the count. A vicious combination in... Еще the 12th looked to have sealed the Alabaman a win but Fury astonishingly made it to his feet on the nine. After a split decision, both fighters leave undefeated while Wilder retains the heavyweight world champion title. Fans rejoiced as their hometown hero got to his feet but were left fuming after the split decision. «Hometown decision, of course it is. We knew that was happening, we all knew that was happening. It was standard boxing in the 21st century,» said one fan. The contentious decision leaves a second bout between Wilder and Fury highly likely, although no further details were unveiled. Criticism of judge Alejandro Rochin's scoring has been widespread, with many spectators and pundits questioning how he could award rounds 2, 3 and 4 to Wilder. Scores Alejandro Rochin: Fury 111 — 115 Wilder Robert Tapper: Fury 114 — 110 Wilder Phil Edwards: Fury 113-113 Wilder

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