UK: Man dangling down from 270ft chimney in Carlisle prompts rescue op

A man dangling head-down from Dixon's Chimney in Carlisle for several hours has prompted a rescue operation on Monday, during which a helicopter and a cherrypicker were deployed. The man is showing no life signs, despite early morning wails and cries for help which were heard by neighbours, reports say. In what has been described as «an extremly complex and rare incident» by police authorities... Еще, the man's awkward position was captured on video, showing him hanging from the top of the chimney with his leg trapped on the chimney's damaged ladder. Initial rescue attempts, using a helicopter or the ladder itself, were unsuccessful, due to the man's precarious position, at the top of a 270ft (82 metres) chimney. The man's identity and the circumstances surrounding the incident are yet to be established. SOURCE: SM Benny Mc'Nally

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