UK: Londoners express mixed feelings after Russia 'interference' report released

Londoners appear to have mixed feeling regarding Russia's involvement in British politics and their influence over the Brexit referendum as seen on Tuesday in London. According to the long-delayed Russia «interference» report from the parliament's intelligence and security committee, the 50-page document stated they could not definitively conclude whether the Kremlin had or had not successfully interfered in the Brexit-referendum since no effort had been made to find out. «I think most people are aware that other countries will interfere with the politics of others. America would interfere in our politics and, which is for their best interest in Europe, and I think that Russia would do exactly the same,» said David, a London resident «To be honest, I don't believe it. Because it's just having more distractions from what's really going on, and the fact they're always trying to paint Russia as their spy, their enemy, the ones they fear,» said London resident Richard.

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