UK: Londoners comment on latest Brexit developments

Londoners were by-and-large aghast at the latest Brexit developments and ongoing drama in the House of Commons, in a series of interviews on Sunday, with one person going as far as describing the situation as 'a continuing disgrace'. «I think it's a continuing disgrace for this country, for democracy. I believe in remaining in the European Union. I voted to stay in the European Union. And I hope... Еще we will continue to remain, but I feel quite gloomy about the future,» said a woman. «The Benn enactment [Amendment] has to be the right thing to do. We cannot leave with no deal. It's bad for Europe, it's bad for us... I cannot understand why all these clever people can't negotiate a deal. I can't understand it,» said another Londoner. «The difference in the vote is always going to leave a divided country. One third voted to leave, on third voted to stay, one third didn't bother voting at all. And if you can change your future, you can change the history of a nation on such a small majority, then God help us all,» said a third. «Quite frankly, the UK on its own doesn't stand a chance,» he added. The UK Parliament ended up passing a backbench amendment put forth by Oliver Letwin to withhold the approval of the Brexit deal until the legislation required to enact it is passed.

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